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By on June 14, 2018

After spending some quality time in Positano we thought it was about time that we went and explored the neighboring towns around the Amalfi coast. I had heard amazing things about Ravello in particular, so I was super anxious to drive up and see it! As I mentioned in my Positano post, we decided to rent a car and go on a little road trip down the entire coast. Positano is the first town you come to while traveling down the main road from Sorrento. After Positano you then come to the town of Praiano which is about a 25 minute drive from Positano. Prior to booking Positano I had actually tried finding a hotel or bnb in Praiano because I heard it had a more romantic and laid back atmosphere compared to Positano since it is less touristy. After driving by it,Β I was so happy with the choice to stay in Positano the entire time. Positano is honestly where the all the action is and from living in NYC, that is where I want to be! I loved having the access to bars and restaurants until the late hours of the night and not having to worry about getting home.

We actually drove right through Priano and Amalfi to go right over to Ravello. If we had more time I think we would had stopped in Amalfi mostly just to see the Piazza del Duomo which is a beautiful cathedral. However, from our impression Amalfi looked a bit more run down and more touristy compared to Positano so we decided to skip it and drive straight to Ravello.

Ravello is a serene mountain town with the most stunning views over looking the coastline. The drive up was such a refreshing change of scenery and so unique from all the other towns we drove through. I think it would had been worth spending a night here to explore it a bit more since it had the cutest little village with lots of winding streets, stunning gardens, and spectacular views.

The number one place you need to visit while in Ravello isΒ Villa Cimbrone Gardens.Β  It has the most beautiful views over looking the Amalfi coast and the most gorgeous gardens to take pictures in. I loved seeing everything from the highest viewpoint to soak in all of its beauty, you feel like your at the top of the world. There was actually a wedding going on here which I was respectfully creeping on… and as someone that is planning a destination wedding, the jealously definitely started to set in! lol It was so dreamy.

Ravello is an Italian dream, and I can’t wait to return again someday.