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Welcome to my first official skincare post! I’m excited to share all of my recent favorites as of late! I should also mention that a couple of months ago, I also was experiencing the worst breakouts since I was a teen! I had went off “The pill” and opted for a low dose hormonal IUD instead.  

While my hormones have been balancing out, I have been doing my best to experiment with all natural and organic skincare. I’m feeling like its finally time to share what I’m using since there has been great improvements with my skin and my breakouts are almost completely cleared up! 

You will find that I mention some brands a whole lot and just wanted to say even though some of these products were gifts, that this is not a sponsored post. I just happen to love their products.

Also, I need to give a shout out to my twin sis Skylar since she’s a beauty junky and the reason why I’ve started using some of these beauty tools and products!

Bar Soaps

I have been loving bar soaps lately for the face and body! Here are a couple all natural ones that Ive been using. I love charcoal and tree tree oil soaps for the antibacterial and pore purifying effects. It might be weird switching to a bar, but I truly believe the clean ingredients have made such a big impact in helping clear my skin.

Facial Cleanser

Finding a clean facial cleanser is hard!  Eve Hansen makes a few and I’ve purchased this one not too long ago which I am happy to announce works great for removing makeup. 

I’ve wanted to include some oil cleansers on here, I just haven’t experimented with any that I love yet.

Facial Brush

I prefer the manual facial brushes mostly over the electric mostly because they are not as bulky. I do own an electronic one I just tend not to use it as often. I’ve used facial brushes since I was 13 on my face morning and night. I think this helps the most with breakouts by removing buildup and dry skin. 

Dry Brushes

Dry brushing has been a fairly new addition to my beauty routine. I feel that it increases circulation and aids lymphatic drainage. Makes my skin softer and helps dissolve fat deposits in the skin. I do it 3-4 times per week.


Ive been obsessed with using hyaluronic acid serums for a while now. Eve Hansen makes some great ones and the serum bundle is how I was first introduced to the company. Such good quality and a great value! I now mostly use the hyaluronic complex acid serum.

 Gua Sha + Jade Rollers

This is another one that has been a recent addition to my routine. I first bought the gua sha scaper and then I lost it somewhere in my apartment. The gua sha scraper apperantly is suppose to work a little better then the roller. I was gifted a roller not too long ago, so Ive actually just been using that. Both Gua sha and jade rolling are alternative therapy techniques to help with lympathic drainage and improve circulation. I use it with my serum about 4-5 times per week.

Eye Cream

Ive been using eye creams ever since I was in high school. Its so important to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and I haven’t found any wrinkles around them yet! Tbh I am always looking for the next best anti- aging and de-puffing eye cream but as of right now I am using these Kielhs products which do the job great!

Facial Cream

Im so crazy about face lotions. I need the lotion to be super hydrating but also hold up well to be used under makeup. If my skin still feels too dry after the first use I will go back and put another layer on. Its so hard finding a great all natural cream but Eve Hansen makes one that I’m addicted to! Also I love using Kielhs, especially the anti aging one, however I’m pretty sure there is nothing “clean” about it lol.

Face Oil

I dont use oils too often but I will put them on if my face is feeling extra dry and needs a hydration boost. I also love using them with my jade roller. I use them the most during the Winter months when I get those super dry flaky patches.


I’ve recently been getting back into my mask game. I would use the glam glow mud mask every time I had a bad breakout and I like to use the sheet masks for hydration and when I’m having super dry skin. I’ve recently been using them every week and here are my current favs.


I’m not too much of a vitamin junky but I thought I would note my favorite vitamins and supplements that can help keeping your skin clear and youthful looking. I like taking a high quality, all natural multi- vitamin and I’ve recently got very into taking CBD oil. I think CBD oil has helped enormously with managing stress hormones and it also reduces sebum production in your pores to help manage breakouts. I take about 25mg per day either in oil (the mint is good)or capsule form which makes me feel more zen and relaxed on stressful days.

Topical Creams

I cannot live without my topical creams. Ive tried in the past to go all natural and use pure tea tree oils and things like that, but nothing works as well as good old fashioned Benzoyl Peroxide. Ive used this stuff on my face for years and my skin is so used to it that it never dries out my skin anymore, but helps prevent future breakouts pretty well! 


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