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April 27, 2019

I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly athletic person and keeping a regular workout schedule has never been my thing unless I am preparing for a vacation or special event. However, since working out for the wedding, my attitude has changed and I hope to keep up the workout schedule now that it’s over.

The problem I faced in the past is that when I got excited about working out with some kind of fitness plan, I always went too hard and burnt myself out. After that I would get anxiety about going to the gym. One of those examples was when I decided to do the BBG program, which I ended up finishing and saw results, but hated every minute of it! This time around, I decided to focus on activities I actually enjoy and aren’t too daunting. I’ve always loved yoga and pilates, so when I started to put a plan together, I knew these were the workouts that would keep me going.

Our Wedding was March 31st, which mean’t we were working out in the coldest and darkest months of the year… not very motivating!! We like to hibernate in the winter and watch movies, eat, and drink wine, so not gonna lie, this was hard! However, I started to buckle down in February and workout nearly everyday until our wedding. My fitness routine was yoga, toning exercises, running, and some light weight lifting. Convenience is a huge thing for me and if I can workout in the comfort of my own home, I am more likely to get off the couch and do it. I didn’t go to any fitness classes or do personal training, instead I did mostly youtube videos and followed guides I found online. I listed some of my favorite videos below for you guys!


My absolute favorite yoga videos are on youtube by Boho Beautiful. It’s a husband and wife team that live that nomadic yogi lifestyle and truly create the most stunning videos that are tough workouts! I love that because you can really feel the burn the next day. Most of her latest content has been yoga but if you go back in the archives, shes got pilates, ab, butt, and leg workouts too.

I usually try to do 30-45 minutes of her videos, so two 20 min vids or one 20 min vid with one or two shorter 15-10 min vids. I’ll usually do a mix of yoga with her toning exercises. Kinda depends on how hard I wanna go, but thankfully shes got so many great videos to choose from. I’ve probably done almost all her videos because I like to mix things up. You can buy her longer workouts on her website too, I haven’t tried them yet but I want to! I have a smart TV so it’s super easy to just play youtube videos on that. I tried narrowing down some of my favorite yoga videos below that I repeat all the time!


Again, I follow mostly Youtube videos for abs. Here are some of the videos I follow. I usually try to do 2 videos in a row to really feel the burn and get results.


For legs and butt, I did these videos along with my weight lifting exercises at the gym.


I love Pilates and have been doing it on and off since high school. When preparing for the wedding I didn’t do a ton of these workouts, because I ended up doing a hard yoga class and following it up with toning workouts. However, these are great if you don’t have a ton of time and wanna do something quick.


I did these about 2 times a week. They are actually very effective and I always feel the burn afterwards!! After using weights with the bbg program, it was one of my takeaways that they always firm you up! Below are the workouts I followed… I usually mixed up the exercises between the guides to do only weight lifting. On weight lifting days I did about 20 min of these workouts and 10-20 min running, depending on how tired I was.


Running is one of those things I keep coming back to, it’s a love/ hate relationship because it’s hard to condition yourself to do after a long period of not doing it. It takes mental strength to keep going and I always push myself to go longer and faster. I live in one of the best places in the city to run and I love running outside when the weather is nice, but during this past winter I did it all inside which makes it tougher for me. I actually ran the first time outside this Spring a couple of days ago and it’s such a night and day difference…. fresh air is always better in my opinion. You just need a good playlist to keep you going. I try to aim to do 15-20 min on the treadmill or 2-3 miles outside.

I really hope this helps you if you are looking to get toned up for a special event or just for summer. I will continue with these workouts as much as possible since I’ve returned to my everyday routine. I still wanna get those abs!!

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